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Commission on Combating Corruption

The Commission on Combating Corruption of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established in 3rd march 2004 and functions as a specialized agency on combating corruption. The statute approved by the Law of Azerbaijan Republic dated May 3, 2005 defines the authorities of the Commission.

The Commission is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan , international treaties to which it is a party, acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan and other statutory instruments.

The Commission functions with the structure composed of 15 members. 5 members of the Commission are appointed by the President of Republic of Azerbaijan, 5 by the “Milli Majlis” and the rest 5 by Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan Republic.

The Commission sets its activities in cooperation with legislative, executive and judicial powers and regularly informs the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Milli Majlis and Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan  on state of struggle against corruption.

The Chairperson of the Commission organizes and manages the activity of the Commission. Permanent Secretariat attached to Commission is established. The Secretariat fulfils organizational tasks related to arrangement of the meetings of the Commission, prepares documents for the issues to be raised in the Commission meetings and provides clerical support 

The Commission considers the issues within its competence at its sessions. Commission holds regular meeting, which shall occur at least once in every three months


Functions of the Commission


Followings are the main objectives, which Commission performs: 

  • participate in the formation of the state policy on corruption and coordinate the activity of public institutions in this area;
  • analyze the state and efficiency of the fight against corruption; 
  • supervise the implementation of the state program against corruption; 
  • collect financial declarations
  • supervise the submission process of the financial declarations
  • collect, analyze and summarize information regarding corruption related law violations and make proposals to the appropriate public institutions; 
  • cooperate with public and other institutions in the field of combating corruption. 

Commission fulfills other duties provided by the legislation


Authorities of the Commission

The Commission, in order to reach its objectives, is vested with following authorities: 

  • to study and generalize the state of execution of the anti-corruption legislation and to hear the reports and information provided by the heads of the law enforcement and other state bodies; 
  • to receive from state and local administrative bodies necessary information and materials, submits justified written informational requests according to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “State registration on immovable property”  to get information on the state registration on immovable property.
  • to receive information on the state of the implementation of the state program on combating corruption from the corresponding state bodies and analyses the state of the implemented works; 
  • to prepare recommendations and proposals for increasing the efficiency of the combating corruption and elimination of the shortcomings in the field of combating corruption and take measures for their implementation; 
  • to take measures for organization of public awareness in the area of combating corruption and conduction of public surveys 
  • to cooperate with NGO's, mass-media, private sector representatives', independent experts and in case of necessity to involve them for the execution of certain tasks; 
  • to take part in international cooperation for increasing the efficiency and organization of the struggle against corruption; 
  • carries out the generalization of the appeals related to corruption complaints, as well as based on the results of  its activities, entrusts to the state bodies and auditing organizations the examination of the state or municipal bodies’ activities in regard of which complaints recieved more and if detects the elements of criminal offences  in materials, sends the materials to the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • to make proposals for the improvement of the anti-corruption legislation; 
  • to prepare programs and projects on the issues related to combat corruption and provide financial assistance to non-governmental organizations for the implementation of it.